Project & Portfolio Management

Zoho Projects Offers Two “New” Gantt Chart Features

Zoho Projects has recently announced two new Gantt chart features: a baseline health check and a critical path highlighter. Both are helpful, but hardly gamechangers in...

PPM Suite Deployment Timeline Template

Use this template to outline the high-level timeline and major milestones for the preparation, deployment, and post-deployment stages. Establishing a long-term view will...

Minimum Viable Business Case Document

This document helps you store, present, and utilize the information in your minimum viable business case.

PPM Solution Use-Case Fit Assessment Tool

Use this tool to determine which Info-Tech PPM Vendor Landscape use case is the most appropriate for your organization based on factors such as size and PPM maturity.

Tame the Project Backlog – Phase 2: Execute a Near-Term Backlog Cleanse

This phase of Tame the Project Backlog will help you execute a near-term project backlog cleanse.

Establish an Effective IT Steering Committee – Phase 2: Define ITSC Processes

This phase of the blueprint, Establish an Effective IT Steering Committee, will help you build high-level IT steering committee processes.

ALM Works Brings “Structure” to Project Complexity

ALM Works Structure for Jira enables Atlassian customers to track and manage projects at scale.

Define and Deploy an Enterprise PMO – Phase 3: Implement the Plan

This phase of Define and Deploy an Enterprise PMO will help you define clear and easy to follow enterprise PPM processes.

Maintain an Organized Portfolio – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand the benefits of creating and maintaining an organized portfolio of projects and programs and to understand the kind of information...

Tailor Project Management Processes to Fit Your Projects – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why prescribed best practices in project management aren't always the best fit and discover how you can tailor them to improve...
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