Project & Portfolio Management - Tools

PPM Transformation Workbook

Use this Excel-based workbook to plan your Exponential IT journey and accurately identify your readiness, needs, and goals.

AI for PPM Use Case Analysis Workbook

This Excel-based workbook contains a customizable library of AI use cases and a framework for identifying and prioritizing those most relevant to your PPM challenges and...

PPM Transformation Plan Template

Use this comprehensive, easy-to-customize, boardroom-ready presentation template to document and communicate your PPM transformation plan to your IT and business partners.

Time Tracker Workbook

Use this workbook to track and get reporting on resource utilization across your staff. You can use this workbook to conduct a time audit or to pilot a time-tracking process.

Digital Portfolio Management Playbook

Assess the performance and strategic alignment of your IT resources, talent, activities and assets across multiple product and service lines. Identify opportunities to...

Strategic Portfolio Management Needs Assessment

Use this Excel workbook to determine if your organization can benefit from the features and functionality of a strategic portfolio management tool.

PPM Decision Support Review Workbook – Annual Report Version

The output of this tool can be used to establish the PPM dashboard and reporting strategies and priorities for your organization.

Business Case Classification Matrix

Classify your projects to help determine the appropriate queue for business case development.

Comprehensive Business Case Analysis Tool

Info-Tech’s Comprehensive Business Case Analysis Tool can be used in conjunction with this storyboard and our Business Case Presentation template to help develop...

Organizational Change Impact Analysis Tool

You can use this tool to analyze the impacts of your intake and prioritization process implementation/optimization across various stakeholders and groups. Based upon your...
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