Project & Portfolio Management - Templates & Policies

Project Backlog Operating Plan Template

Use this template to develop your long-term project backlog management operating strategy.

PPM Solution Project Charter Template

Use this template to create a project charter for your PPM solution selection and implementation project.

PPM Implementation Work Breakdown Structure

Use this template to create a work breakdown structure for your PPM solution selection and implementation project.

PPM Solution RFP Template

Use this template to create a request for proposal (RFP) document to be used in the selection process of this project.

PPM Solution Vendor Response Template

Customize this template and send it to vendors interested in responding to your request for proposals (RFP). Having vendors fill out a standard form will ease the process...

PPM Solution Vendor Demo Script

Use this template to prepare a script that can be used to guide PPM solution demonstrations and briefings offered by vendors. Having questions prepared will help ease...

CIO Business Vision Discussion Guide

Use this template in conjunction with the CIO Business Vision Communication Deck to present the results of your CIO Business Vision survey to business leaders.

Software Acquisition and Usage Policy

Use Info-Tech's sample policy to launch software acquisition management efforts to the top of your priority list.

Anti-Corruption Policy

The anti-corruption policy will outline the ethical and behavioral expectations of a corporation.

Information Technology Standards Policy

The IT standards policy organizes standards by technology category, distinguishes standards from preferred products, and documents products or policy standards that...
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