Predicting the Future

What Is Predicting the Future?

Predicting the Future is the world’s most reliable source of advanced information on technology and economics.

Mark Anderson’s predictive reports have an unmatched publicly graded prediction rate of over 94% and are actively followed by:

  • Bill Gates
  • Michael Dell
  • Paul Jacobs
  • Many other global industry leaders

Mark Anderson

Research Fellow

Mark Anderson, Info-Tech Research Fellow and CEO of Strategic News Service™, writes the most accurate predictive reports covering the computing and communications industries. This weekly newsletter covers must-have information for strategy development and business technology planning.

Provides You with Unmatched Strategic Insight

Access need-to-know information that will aid in your strategy development and business technology planning.

Helps You Be a Forward Thinker

The unreserved predictions and strategic insights on what is to be expected in upcoming years will help you position yourself as a forward thinker with your C-level peers.

The Power of Flows I

This week, I want to start our members' thought processes moving in a new direction. Let's invent new theories, new applications, and new architectures for computing,...

Special Letter: Unleashing the Power of Our 21st-Century Kids

In this week's discussion, Marc Prensky puts forward the simple, yet distant, goal of moving away from lecturing and toward student engagement in their communities, in...

Elon's Plan

This week, with Tesla's bid for SolarCity, most of the global business blogs are questioning every part of the deal, from finances to board connections. While this...

Special Letter: Regenerative Medicine and the Future of Health

In this week's Special Letter, members will be amazed to discover the ground that has been covered since the initial discovery of induced pluripotent stem cells and the...

It's About Time

Time may be the most important and most ubiquitous physical concept about which we know essentially nothing.

Asia Letter, Q3 2016: Expansion All Around

Scott Foster provides invaluable on-the-ground perspectives on current events and attitudes in Asia and in his resident country of Japan.

Microsoft's Pivot Moment

There is an often-told joke among entrepreneurs, in which the startup experience is described as jumping off a cliff and "assembling the airplane on the way down." Now...

Creating a Blended Reality: 3D Transformations

For the last few years, we have been "talking to" the old Hewlett-Packard, encouraging the company to move into industrial-scale 3D printing. A few weeks ago, the new HP...

The Carbon Trifecta: A Global Warming Solution

The greatest problem the planet faces today is global warming. And the greatest problem that humans face is their general inability to act together until just after a...

Special Letter: Technology Is Changing How We View Industry, Value Companies, and Develop Strategy

In this week's issue, Deloitte's Bill Ribaudo expands upon a theme. Just as we have learned over time to view countries in terms of their business models, Bill has now...
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