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Safety on the Net: Authentication, Pseudonymity, and Resilience vs. Increasing Threats

Vint Cerf, Google's Chief Evangelist and the "Father of the Internet," joins his longtime friend Larry Smarr, himself one of the technology heroes of the age, onstage for...

Redesigning Television: Part II

In Part I of this two-part series, we looked at the current television landscape: who views, using what devices; who pays for advertising, in what sectors; what today's...

eDiscovery Procedure for Legal Search

Use this template to describe the activities and responsibilities required to effectively respond to a discovery request.

eDiscovery Business Case Template

This template is meant to help IT make the case for a formalized eDiscovery process.

eDiscovery Process Communication Plan Template

This communication plan template provides a structure for managing ongoing communications between stakeholders over the course of the project.

Redesigning Television: Part I

Television is in the middle of a revolution. But given this undeniable fact, it is remarkable how little television has changed in the last few decades. Even when the...

Zero Loss: The FiRe CxO IP Checklist

For corporate executives, security is no longer a security issue; it's an economic imperative. The theft of their secrets can destroy their flagship product line, their...

IT Strategy Case Study of a Mid-Sized Health Care Organization

Performance and ability to support future growth were being challenged by an increasingly complex healthcare market and ever-tightening budgets. IT needed to chart a new...

IT Strategy Case Study of a Large Manufacturing Company

Increasing business complexity has been driven by both organic growth and acquisitions. IT had to align its people, projects, and resources with the Company's innovative...

Portfolio Management Case Study for Mid-Sized Education Organization

A leading University making the transition toward becoming a Research Institution had a consistent record of growth which created a supply and demand imbalance between...
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