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Strategic Sourcing Specialist

Job description for the Strategic Sourcing Specialist role.

Special Letter: Big Data Strategy and Insights

Everyone talks about Big Data these days, but this is almost always a conversation about what it is, how to mine it, how to make more money from it, and how to get even...

Online Casino Platform Vendor Shortlist Tool

This tool allows large enterprises to generate a customized shortlist of Online Casino Platform vendors based on required capabilities and future requirements for product...

ITSM Case Study of a Financial Services Technology Provider

A financial technology solutions provider has been experiencing tremendous growth, spurring the number of departments, systems, and services to support it.

Application Packager

The application packager is responsible for developing, building, and supporting software application packaging for different deployments.

The Mobile Global Computer

We have just built the world's most powerful computer, but no one has used it yet. What is even more amazing: no one even knows it exists.

HRIS Selection Case Study for a Large Property Management Firm

Over the course of 50 years, the Company has become one of North America's largest investors, owners, and managers of commercial real estate. The Company's HR information...

Microsoft Licensing Purchase Reference Guide

Use this template to capture licensing stakeholder information, proposed changes to licensing, and negotiation items.

The Right Idea

This week's issue is the direct result of my recent speech to the incoming class of Thunderbird School of Global Management, virtually all of whom then signed up as our...

Pattern Analysis Template

This template will help organizations identify which big data patterns solve which business issues. You can then evaluate the benefits of each pattern, which will help...
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