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NormShield Now Allows You to Quantify Supply Chain Risk in Dollars. But Is That a Good Thing?

Normshield recently announced that it has licensed the FAIR model to allow customers to quantify supply chain security risk in terms of financial impacts. It is...

Endava Releases Q4 FY2019 and FY2019 Earnings

Endava has released its Q4 FY2019 and FY2019 earnings, marking its first year as a public company on the NYSE.

Simplify Manual Testing With Testpad

Manual testing still has its merits today. However, it is often viewed as laborious and time consuming. Testpad simplifies this experience.

AWS re:Invent Highlights Amazon’s Relentless Push Closer to the Customer With Outposts

AWS pioneered the IaaS industry, predicting that private data centers would become a relic of the past. Ironically, AWS now finds itself moving hardware and software into...

Will Ansible Push Chef and Puppet Out of the Configuration Management Market?

Ansible from RedHat has steadily gained market share since its introduction and has now surpassed its two main rivals (underscoring how quickly things change in DevOps)....

Tempo Brings Project Management Practices to Jira

Resource planning, time tracking, and financial management remain core delivery capabilities, whether the organization is operating in an Agile or Waterfall environment....

Use Your Corporate Blog to Provide Value, Not Self-Promotion

Your blog is more than a place to advertise new features, it’s an opportunity to provide real value to your target audience. Value builds trust, and trust leads to sales.

Recent Rally Software Product Enhancements

The team at Rally Software (now a Broadcom company) has introduced several enhancements to their UI, Team Board, and is testing new integration.

Extend Your Requirements Management Capabilities With Visure Requirements

Visure Requirements is a requirements definition and management (RDM) solution specifically designed to provide integral support for the requirements lifecycle.

Tasktop Integrates Azure DevOps With Jira

Azure DevOps has expanded its ecosystem of utility tools to include Tasktop, an integration plugin that connects Jira to Azure DevOps. Tasktop allows bi-directional...
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