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Endpoint Management Selection Tool

This tool will help you determine the features and options you want or need in an endpoint management solution.

Manage Your Chromebooks and MacBooks

Chromebooks and MacBooks must be afforded the same considerations as the Windows devices when it comes to management. The good news is that there is no lack of available...

Manage Your Chromebooks and MacBooks Storyboard

Chromebooks and MacBooks must be properly managed in enterprise and educational environments. Explore options, guidance, and best practices related to Chromebook and...

Brand Diagnostic Tool - Digital Metrics Analysis Template

Digital metrics analysis will provide insights into how buyers and potential buyers interact and engage with your brand digitally. It's also used to evaluate the brand's...

Brand Diagnostic Tool - External and Internal Factors Metrics Analysis Template

The external and internal factor analysis will allow you to detect and understand broad changes, disruptors and mid- to long-term trends in your specific field that are...

Survey Emails Best Practices Guidelines

The Survey Emails Best Practices Guidelines will provide you with step-by-step information and guidance on how to perform survey emails.

Brand Diagnostic - Executive Presentation Template

Pre-built presentation template to educate, engage and unify key stakeholders on the importance of a strong brand, and to assess and improve brand performance. This is...

Diagnose Brand Health to Improve Business Growth

Knowing how the brand is perceived, as opposed to how individuals within an organization perceive it, addressing any brand-related issues on time, and implementing...
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What Is Not Included in RISE With SAP … The Rest of the Story

Discover the pitfalls of SAP’s RISE with SAP program and how to perform due diligence and avoid them in your SAP S/4HANA migration.

Brand Diagnostic Tool Survey and Interview Questionnaires and Lists Template

The surveys and interviews represent the most critical step to understanding how your brand is being perceived by internal stakeholders, by your customers, and in your...
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