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Build an Effective Data Retention Program – Phases 1-3

Implement data retention and find the data types that carry the most retention-related risk.

Data Retention Schedule and Risk Identification Tool

Use this tool to determine your data retention schedule as well as high-risk data types and repositories

Data Retention RACI Tool

Complete this RACI matrix to determine your data retention roles and responsibilities.

IT Strategy Review

IT Strategy Review

Off Field Data Reference Architecture Guide

Use this blueprint to evaluate your current off field data architecture, discover data driven digital opportunities for value creation, and construct a business case to...

Off-Field Data Reference Architecture Business Case Presentation Template

Use this template alongside Info-Tech’s Off-Field Data Reference Architecture Guide, then leverage that information to create an executive presentation and how it impacts...

Engineer Your Event Management Process

Reduce response times to solve (potential) incidents when system performance degrades. Build an event management practice where infrastructure and operations can rely on...
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Engineer Your Event Management Process – Phases 1-3

Engineer an effective event management process scoped to your environment. Establish appropriate actions for every monitored event to respond when that event is detected.

Event Management Cookbook

Use this tool to define your workflow for adding new events to track. This cookbook includes the considerations you need to include for every tracked event as well as the...

Event Management Catalog

Use this tool to record your tracked events and alerts in one place. This catalog allows you to record the rationale, root-cause, and action for all your monitored events.
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