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Hot Developments in Infrastructure

Explosive data growth, cloud computing, virtualization and consolidation, mobile computing; these are all major technology trends that are having...
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Create a Realistic Data Integration Strategy

There is no quick way to fix a broken data architecture. There are, however, short term tactics and long term strategies to move from chaos to an...
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Influence Decision-Makers Through an Intermediary

IT managers often have to influence decision-makers through an intermediary, who acts an advocate for IT's agenda.
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IT Cost-Cutting Tactics for Coping with a Down Economy

This is a collection of published Info-Tech research specifically designed to help IT identify areas for IT cost-cutting, along with tactics on...
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Governing Shared Services

Organizations pursue shared services to reduce costs and increase quality. However, ineffective governance frequently undermines the benefits of...
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Building an Enterprise IT Security Training Program

Over 50% of security breaches are a result of end-user error, oversight, and ignorance. IT security training is an effective method of reducing...
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Select a Server Virtualization Solution with Confidence

VMware continues to dominate, but selection isn't just about who is the leader. Competitors are providing legitimate alternatives for...
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Building a Better RIA

Understand what type of benefits your business can achieve from adopting an RIA strategy.
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Manage Transformational IT Change

When it comes to enacting change, IT is its own worst enemy. They fail to address four important issues when preparing users, which ultimately...
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