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2011: Year of the Tablet

Early in 2010, Info-Tech predicted that it would be the year of the tablet. Was the prediction accurate? It was, although many vendors have not...
820c01a474d3b326a7a137cce1314339 large Not Your Father's CRM Anymore

At Dreamforce 2011, unveiled more capabilities in the areas of enterprise collaboration and platform as a service (PaaS). The...
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Why EHR Solutions Are Not Being Adopted by End Users

Adoption of electronic healthcare records (EHR) has lagged behind the expected adoption rate in the US market. This appears to be largely due to...
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Optimize Decision Rights

The responsibility for IT decisions is often misplaced with those most impacted being uninvolved in decisions that they should be making.
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Develop a Customer-Facing Mobile Application

Organizations are under greater pressure to engage a growing customer audience that will potentially access, use and buy products and services...
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Measuring the Economic Health of IT, Post Recession

Info-Tech's analysis of IT budgets across North America reveals a strong upward trend since 2009. Organizations are benefiting from the economic...
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Managing IPv4 Depletion & Developing an IPv6 Strategy

IPv4 addressing is the technical underpinning of today's Internet, but the Internet of the future is already being built using IPv6....
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Evaluate Web Conferencing Vendors

Witness the power of this fully armed and operational collaboration system, and ensure you make the best Web conferencing decisions for the...
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Data Center Relocation Tabletop Planning Video

A data center move requires minute-to-minute planning as well as complex logistics and communication. A table top planning exercise is a dress...
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