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Webinar: Embrace Cashless in Your Casino

Better understand the impact of a virtual gaming wallet in your casino, overcome barriers and misperceptions, and understand the role of key vendors.
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Webinar: Implement Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Vulnerabilities will always exist. Addressing these will consume your department’s time and resources, and your efforts will quickly become stale...
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Threat Landscape Briefing – April 2021

This monthly recording covers topics such as cyberthreat and regulatory trends, nation-states, cybercriminals and hacktivists campaigns, data...
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Webinar: Manage Your Technical Debt

Follow our structured approach to identify, measure, and manage your technical debt.
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FBI’s Own Hackers Break Into US Servers With a Mission

Do you really want the feds doing your security work for you?
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IBM Launches Its First Quantum Computing Certification

​The quantum future gets a little closer​.
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Webinar: Make Your Digital Product Vision More Than Just a Dream

Product groups are under pressure to align the value they provide with the organization’s goals and overall vision. For the groups that struggle,...
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Webinar: Explore the Secrets of Workday Licensing

Organizations examining a move to Workday or renewing a contract often struggle to gain information and leverage in the negotiation process on...
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Webinar: Embrace Business-Managed Applications

The business wants greater empowerment in the tools and technologies they use. Apply the right practices to manage and address the risks of...
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