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Optimize Decision Rights

The responsibility for IT decisions is often misplaced with those most impacted being uninvolved in decisions that they should be making.
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Evaluate Web Conferencing Vendors

Witness the power of this fully armed and operational collaboration system, and ensure you make the best Web conferencing decisions for the...
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Explore the Emerging World of SaaS ERP

SaaS ERP belongs on the shortlist for small enterprises and mid-sized divisions of larger enterprises. Make the business case on versatility, not...
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Free Up Funds for New Initiatives

Organizations must continue efforts to reduce the high proportion of their IT budget spent (typically 70%) on continuing operations, to provide...
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Why EHR Solutions Are Not Being Adopted by End Users

Adoption of electronic healthcare records (EHR) has lagged behind the expected adoption rate in the US market. This appears to be largely due to...
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Governing Shared Services

Organizations pursue shared services to reduce costs and increase quality. However, ineffective governance frequently undermines the benefits of...
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Handling Senior Management Expectations

Often, IT makes wrong assumptions about what senior managers expect of the department and how it actually performs against those expectations. As...
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vNetworks: Software VLANs without Borders

Virtual networks, or vNetworks, are coming on the scene to solve the problem of managing public cloud servers as a disparate network. When you...
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Worth the Risk? Bringing Disease into Hospitals via Mobile Devices

Mobile devices compromise biosecurity and information security. Use management of biosecurity risks as both a carrot and stick to enhance...
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