Application Portfolio Diagnostic Tool

Use this tool to gauge your current maturity level in terms of visibility into your portfolio and use application portfolio management practices and tools.

Business Case Classification Matrix

Classify your projects to help determine the appropriate queue for business case development.

Application Portfolio Management Snapshot and Foundations Tool

Use this tool to store application information, execute rationalization, and build a portfolio roadmap your applications.

Off-the-Shelf AI Analysis

Use this tool in conjunction with the Drive Business Value With Off-the-Shelf AI storyboard to guide the analysis and planning of the implementation.

Financial Risk Impact Tool

Use this tool to help identify and quantify the financial impacts of negative vendor actions.

Casino Floor Technology Initiative Workbook

Use this deliverable to determine which technologies and trends to prioritize.

Consolidated Vendor RFP Response Evaluation Summary

Leverage this tool consolidate your evaluation team's RFP evaluation scores.

Vendor TCO Tool

Use Info-Tech’s Vendor TCO Tool to normalize each vendor’s pricing proposal and account for the lifetime cost of the product.

RFP Requirements Worksheet

Use this tool to assist you and your team in documenting the requirements for your RFP.

Excel Form RFP Tool

The Excel Form RFP is used as an alternative to the other RFP toolsets if you have multiple requirements and have multiple vendors to choose from.
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