Microsoft License Agreement Summary Tool

This tool allow you to capture your current Microsoft licensing agreements into a list. For use with the blueprint Microsoft Dynamics 365: Understand the Transition to...

Existing CRM-AX License Summary Worksheet

This tool captures information on all of your existing, current, and legacy server and CALs licenses.

Sports Betting Business Model Selection Tool

This tool helps identify which sportsbook business model would be the best choice for your organization based on your drivers, challenges, and tolerance toward each...

Skills Assessment Tool

Use this tool to capture and prioritize your team's skills, evaluate individuals' capabilities, and understand where you face skill bottlenecks.


This tool will walk you through the process of identifying who in your organization is responsible for each stage of the contract lifecycle management (CLM) process.

After Negotiations Tool

This tool will help you conduct the debrief and evaluation sessions at various points in the negotiation process.

Application Portfolio Management Snapshot and Foundations Tool

Use this tool to store application information, execute rationalization, and build a portfolio roadmap your applications.

Sports Betting Platform Vendor Shortlist Tool

This tool will help you narrow down your choices of sportsbook vendors and build a shortlist.

Culture Facilitation Guide for Leaders

Leaders have acknowledged the impact that culture has on organizational climate. Use this template to guide managers through facilitation meetings with their teams that...

Emergency WFH Assessment Tool

Be prepared to launch emergency work-from-home measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Use this tool to quickly determine eligibility, audit technology and setup...
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