Microsoft Dynamics 365 User License Assignment Tool

This tool allows you to assign Microsoft Dynamics 365 Base & Attach licenses to your employees and track them.

SDLC Optimation Assessment

Use this tool to assess your SDLC's readiness for optimization followed by automation. This tool is intended to be completed with Info-Tech's Automate Your SDLC blueprint.

KPI Development Worksheets

This tool will help you practice developing key performance indicators for various types of metrics based on your program's goals.

ROI Calculator Worksheet

Measuring project performance, and calculating ROI, will help you halt failing projects before they consume additional resources. Use this worksheet to help you make your...

Small Enterprise Change Management Maturity Tool

Changes to IT applications (or infrastructure) must be managed properly to avoid disrupting the normal operation of the company. Use this tool to assess and enhance the...

Software Configuration Management Tools: Comparative TCO Calculator

For smaller development teams, open-source software configuration management (SCM) tools are a tempting alternative to commercial off-the-shelf packages. Use this total...

Help Desk Software: Comparative TCO Calculator

For smaller service desks, a hosted (Software-as-a-Service) help desk tool may be more cost-effective than an on-premise package. Use this Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)...

Software Configuration Management Solutions: TCO Comparison Tool

Some open-source software configuration management (SCM) tools are as good as their commercial counterparts ? without the licensing fees. Use this Total Cost of Ownership...

PC Power Saving Plans Reduce Costs and Environmental Impact

PC power savings aren't well understood by many organizations, but are easy to achieve and result in reduced energy consumption, cost savings, and lessened environmental...

PC Power Saving Plan Calculator

Organizations can cut PC energy consumption to save significant costs and reduce environmental impact. Use this tool to determine what cost savings are possible and to...
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