Templates & Policies

EHR Selection Project Charter Template

EHR selection is a multi-departmental undertaking that must be managed well to be successful. Document the process in a formal project charter to keep everyone on the...

Software Audit Launch Email Template

This template will notify the management team of the impending audit.

Current State of Sourcing Assessment Template

Use this template to document the outcomes from the exercises conducted during the current state of sourcing assessment.

Application and Operation Manager Playbook

Use this playbook to record the results of your activities from Increase Support of Tier 2 and Tier 3 blueprint and plan to shift the company culture, improve knowledge...

Resource Management Communications Template

Use this template to present your resource management practice to stakeholders.

EHR Request for Proposal Template

Request for proposals provide organizations with the opportunity to give vendors a detailed account of the requirements and the expected capabilities of their desired...

Pandemic Dependent Care Policy

A sample policy to get you started immediately on managing remote employees whose work is disrupted by the closure of regular care services for dependents.

Mentoring Agreement Template

Use the Mentoring Agreement Template to ensure understanding and agreement between both parties of the mentoring relationship.

Recognition Program Guide

Use the Recognition Program Guide to document the recognition program and as a recognition resource for managers.

EHR Selection Stakeholder Presentation Template

Leverage this presentation template to help IT make the case for their approach to selecting an EHR.
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