Templates & Policies

Small Enterprise IT Implications Checklist

This checklist helps you consider all implications on the IT organization from a holistic perspective.

Tribal Nation Authority Matrix Template

Use the Authority Matrix Template to identify individuals that have authority over the proposal, review, and approval of the IT organizational design, including placement...

Tribal Nation Organizational Context Summary

Use the Organizational Context Summary tool to summarize and communicate the tribal nation IT organizational context.

Service Management Roadmap Presentation Template

This template contains several exercise templates to help you build a compelling service management roadmap and communication slide.

Service Management Roadmap Project Charter

This project charter helps you document the initiative stakeholders, project team members, communication plan, and project status.

Ransomware Strategic Plan Summary Document

Use the Ransomware Strategic Plan Summary Document to discuss the preventative, responsive, and recovery measures that need to be implemented in the event of a ransomware...

Small Enterprise Information Security Strategy Workbook Template

This template will help you capture the details of your information security strategy and communication to key stakeholders across the organization.

Product Canvas Template

These simple product and release templates can be customized to suit your needs.

Smart Contracts Executive Buy-in Presentation Template

This template will help you create an executive buy-in presentation based on the blueprint, Develop a Use Case for Smart Contracts.

Smart Contracts Use-Case Template

This template will help you build your customized smart contract use case. Follow instructions in the blueprint Develop a Use Case for Smart Contracts to complete this...
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