Templates & Policies

Service Desk Improvement Presentation Template

This template will help you communicate the results of your service desk improvement projects to your leadership team.

Service Desk Ticket Intake Workflow Samples

This template contains examples of ticket intake workflows.

Service Desk Site Visit Checklist Template

Some upfront planning can lead to more valuable site visits and more prevented incidents.

SDLC Strategy Template

This template associated with the blueprint Modernize Your SDLC will help you define and document your SDLC strategy and optimization initiatives.

Security Initiative Skills Guide

Use this template to document future initiatives skill needs.

Minimum Viable Product Based Funding Process Presentation Template

Use this presentation to establish an MVP-based funding process within your organization.

Initiative on a Page Presentation Template

Use this presentation to communicate the initiative selected as lighthouse.

Internet of Things Stakeholder Presentation Template

Use this presentation template to help IT make the case for IoT initiatives.

I&O M&A Project Napkin

Use this template to document high-level merger or acquisition project goals.

I&O M&A Discovery Letter Template

Use this template to request discovery information from the target organization.
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