Templates & Policies

Venture Design and Go-to-Market Strategy

This sample deliverable provides a guide to designing and launching successful tech ventures. It includes a best practice approach to go-to-market strategy and market...

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Use Info-Tech's Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policy to specify the parameters of your program.

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Plan

Use Info-Tech's Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Plan to detail the response procedures of the program.

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Workflow

Use Info-Tech's Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Workflow to visualize the response procedures of the program.

SDLC Metrics Rollout and Communication Deck

This template will use step-by-step inputs from the storyboard exercises to communicate the outcomes of your SDLC metric selection efforts.

Enterprise Collaboration Tools Project Journey Template

This editable project journey structures your project for finding and implementing a new collaboration tool.

Enhanced RFI Template

Use this template to create your enhanced request for information baseline template. Be sure to modify and configure the template to your organization’s specifications.

Enhanced RFI Evaluation Tool

Use this tool to collect and record the evaluation team's scores for each vendor's response to your enhanced RFI.

Long-Form RFP Template

Use this sample RFP as the basis for your template RFP, taking it all as is or picking and choosing the sections that best meet the mission and objectives of the RFP and...

Short-Form RFP Template

Use this Short-Form RFP Template for a less complex RFP that has basic requirements and perhaps a small window in which the vendors can respond.
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