Templates & Policies

Return to the Workplace FAQ Template

Use this template to communicate key messages with managers and employees regarding deployment plans.

Standard Participant Training Session Evaluation Template

Participant reaction is the key to measuring the initial satisfaction of the training session, determining which areas are working, and which areas require improvement.

Health & Safety At Home Infographic

When employees work from home, ensure health & safety is top of mind. Help employees keep themselves safe wherever they are working.

Manage Poor Performance While Working From Home: Manager Guide

Use this template to provide managers with guidance for addressing performance management remotely.

Ergonomic Workspaces Infographic

Moving to a work-from-home arrangement comes with many changes – including changing your physical workspace. Provide employees with tips to create a healthy and safe...

Wellness and Working From Home

A sudden shift to working from home can create a lot of stress, especially during a time with so many changes and uncertainty. Help employees maintain physical and mental...

Tactics Catalog: Maintain Employee Engagement During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Use this catalog to review tactics for addressing each of the prioritized engagement drivers.

Employee Engagement During COVID-19: Manager Tactics

Use this infographic to find tactics to drive employee engagement during COVID-19.

Collaboration Strategy Template

Create a collaboration strategy by noting: your organization's collaboration vision and goals; your capabilities landscape; which tool should be used for what purpose;...

Sample Layoffs Policy

Use this template to craft the employee layoff policy.
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