Templates & Policies

BPM Selection Stakeholder Presentation Template

Leverage this presentation template to help IT make the case for their approach to selecting a BPM tool.

Security Incident Management Runbook: Blank Template

Use this blank template to create your own incident-specific runbook.

Empathy Map Template

Use the Empathy Map Template to complete an empathy map.

Journey Map Guide

Use the Journey Map Guide to complete a journey map and to identify moments that matter.

Candidate Experience Service Level Agreement Template

Draft a service level agreement with talent acquisition specialists and hiring managers to set timelines and procedures that everyone can agree to and that keep the...

Candidate Experience Process Mapping Template

The Candidate Experience Process Mapping Template aids in creating a process map of your current candidate experience.

Operations Work Unit Reference Structures

Example organizational sketches for common IT operating models with a focus on IT Operations roles.

Reimagine IT Operations for a Cloud-First World Project Recap Template

Summarize findings from your project to build an effective, cloud-ready IT operations team.

Candidate Experience Project Charter

A project charter defines the project and lays the foundation for all subsequent project planning. It is a critical communication tool for the project purpose, scope, and...

Content Curator Playbook

Use this template to define a specific process for managing the curation of enterprise content and reducing time spent searching for accurate, relevant enterprise content.
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