Vendor Landscape Storyboard: Email Security Gateway

Email security gateway solutions must maintain conventional email security against vast amounts of spam and malware, as well as being equipped to detect spear phishing...

Storyboard: Implement Systems Management to Improve Availability and Visibility

This blueprint will help you implement a systems management solution to improve availability and visibility.

Storyboard: Optimize Systems Management to Improve IT Resilience and Proactivity

Effective systems management can be a critical driver toward IT maturity. However, many organizations continue to collect data without any idea of what to do with it....

Storyboard: Develop an IT Strategy to Support Customer Service

With Customer Service being heavily IT dependent, there is opportunity for IT to collaborate with Customer Service to improve service quality and bring strategic value to...

Storyboard: Choose the Right Tools for Big Data Development

The case for big data is defined by the business’ need to process various forms of high volume data at high velocities. Begin your big data implementation with a baseline...

Storyboard: Select and Implement an Email Security Gateway

ESG solutions must maintain conventional email security against vast amounts of spam and malware and must be equipped to detect spear phishing attacks while enabling easy...

Storyboard: Establish a Right-Sized Release and Deployment Management Process

While ITIL provides a good process framework, it is difficult to apply. A good release and deployment management process will be right-sized to organizational need, and...

Storyboard: Optimize the Application Maintenance Estimation (AME) Process

App Dev managers are under high pressure to create new, highly complex applications while maintaining legacy applications. Failure to properly estimate maintenance costs...

Storyboard: Leverage Agile Goal Setting for Improved Employee Engagement & Performance

Managers that empower their employees to set agile goals see increased productivity and employee engagement, which benefits both the manager and the organization as a whole.

Storyboard: Leverage the First 100 Days as a New Leader

Organize the first 100 days on the job into manageable 30-40 day chunks with time focused goals to help you achieve success in the short and long-term.
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