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Define the Information Security Risk Tolerance Level

Defining your information security risk tolerance level is THE essential step for any security professional looking to mature their security program beyond reactive...
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Tailor Project Management Processes to Fit Your Projects

Successful projects are the #1 driver of satisfaction with IT, but most organizations struggle to achieve consistent project success. Inject project management best...
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Drive Business Satisfaction With an Effective IT Steering Committee

A well-defined IT steering committee (ITSC) will help prioritize IT’s role within the organization, and create a structured process for project prioritization....
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Create an EA Strategy to Articulate the Value Proposition of the EA Function

EA can provide numerous benefits, but only an effective EA strategy will help you commit to delivering the most relevant benefits to your organization.

Establish a Sustainable Vendor Management Organization

Taking a proactive approach to managing your vendors will help negotiate relationships where everyone’s best interests are accommodated. This approach begins by laying...
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Build Your Data Security Armor to Withstand Attacks and Audits

Your organization’s data landscape is constantly changing, and the threats that can harm it are changing even faster. This blueprint helps you to stay ahead of the...
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CIO Trend Report 2017

Trend reports can provide an academic outlook as to what is happening in the technology landscape, but not much else. CIOs need a framework to develop concrete insight...

Exploit Disruptive Infrastructure Technology

IT infrastructure can do more than just keep the lights on. Leverage the insights of a diverse working group to create a list of technologies that have disruptive...
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Define an EA Operating Model

With an appropriate EA operating model in place, the EA team will be focused on doing only the necessary things that help them deliver on the established mandate.

Improve Data Quality in the Small Enterprise

Data is an asset but only if the quality level is high. Small enterprises must maintain high-quality data for decision making to stay competitive in today’s economy.
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