Solution Sets

Prepare to Successfully Deploy PPM Software

This project blueprint will help you prepare to successfully deploy a new PPM suite at your organization that can be sustainably adopted in the long term. It sets you up...
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Optimize Security Mitigation Effectiveness Using STRIDE

Your perception of how well you are protected is only as good as the information you collect, and many organizations struggle with collecting the right information....
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Proactively Identify and Mitigate Vendor Risk

Identify critical vendor risks and map them to existing IT vendor risk controls.

Create Synergy and Prove the ROI of Your VMO

Develop KPIs, create business value metrics, and build strategic vendor partners.

Create an Integrated Application Architecture

Assess your application landscape, develop application architecture principles, and define application reference architecture.

Align Infrastructure Architecture to Business Value

Assess your infrastructure needs, align architecture principles to business capabilities, and define the infrastructure reference architecture.

Embed Security Architecture into All Things IT

Assess your security needs, define security architecture principles, and define security reference architecture.

Select and Implement an EA Tool

Define your EA tool selection criteria, shortlist your vendors, and identify a tool that best suits your organization.

Define an EA Operating Model

Optimize the EA operating model and enable it to be responsive to changing business conditions.

Modernize Data Architecture

Define and clearly communicate a single, consistent, and authoritative view of an organization’s data.
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