Build a Swarming Pilot Project – Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to understand how IT directors and managers can reconfigure service support to align with the DevOps and Agile approach to service by...

10 Secrets for Successful Disaster Recovery in the Cloud – Storyboard

This storyboard provides you with the 10 secrets for success in cloud-based DR deployment.

Create Visual SOP Documents that Drive Process Optimization, Not Just Peace of Mind – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand how documenting SOPs directly impacts IT efficiency and your bottom line.

DRP Recovery Workflow Template

Build your own current state and desired state DRP recovery workflow based on Info-Tech's template.

XMPL Systems Recovery Playbook

This document contains a set of checklists that XMPL Medical uses to support its DRP.

Build an ITSM Tool Implementation Plan – Phase 3: Design, Build, and Test the ITSM Tool

This phase of the blueprint, Build an ITSM Tool Implementation Plan, will help you build and test your ITSM tool.

Service Support Strategy Example – Higher Education

This document provides an example of a service support strategy with a focus on higher education.

Pandemic Policy

This template provides a framework for a comprehensive policy in the case of a pandemic breakout within your region and the business continuity guidelines that can be set...

IT Startup Forethought Adds AI Tool to Automate Ticket Routing

San Francisco-based IT startup Forethought announced new product Agatha Predictions on September 5 to help categorize and organize incoming tickets.

BCP Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire

Manage suppliers to ensure they meet the requirements set out in your BCP.
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