Quickly Start Managing Remote Computers With MDM

IT is accountable for more than just enterprise data when people are working at home. Use MDM to both secure remote PCs and personally owned devices and to reduce the...

Manufacturing – The Essential Ten-Step Guide: Building and Communicating Your CIO Strategy for COVID-19

​CIOs in Manufacturing will play a critical role during the COVID-19 crisis. This is an opportunity to shine. Use this plan to help you build and communicate a clear...

Ayehu Competes Based on Service

Ayehu is leveraging quality of service as a differentiator. Info-Tech expects that service will continue to become more important among software vendors.

Build a Continual Improvement Plan for the Service Desk – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why continual improvement is a necessary next step to instill in your service desk processes after you've standardized the...

Improve IT-Business Alignment Through an Internal SLA – Phase 1: Scope the Pilot Project

Identify the benefits of an SLA. Identify the pilot project. Create the pilot project charter.

Centric PLM Launches Quick-Start Collaboration Packages in Response to COVID-19

Centric Software launched Quick-Start Collaboration Packages to enable brands, retailers, and manufacturers to rapidly adopt remote work processes across the product...

Vendor Landscape Storyboard: Mid-Market Service Desk

Use this vendor landscape to understand the service desk vendors in the mid-market, evaluate the vendors and their products against your organization’s needs, and...

DR Active Test Evaluation Survey

Ensure that key learning points and test results are documented through a test evaluation survey.

Responsibly Resume IT Operations in the Office – Phase 4: Repatriate Workloads to the Office

Prepare and position IT to support workloads in order to streamline office reintegration. This may include leveraging pre-existing solutions in different ways and...

Select the Optimal Disaster Recovery Deployment Model – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand how to select the optimal DR deployment model.
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