BCP Business Impact Analysis Tool

Use this tool to conduct and document a business impact analysis for your BCP.

Stakeholder Engagement Workbook

Use this Stakeholder Engagement Workbook to create a prioritized list of people who are affected or can affect your project, and to determine how best to communicate with...

DRP Business Impact Analysis Tool

Determine appropriate recovery time objectives based on the impact of downtime.

DR Testing Readiness Assessment Tool

Determine the appropriate level of testing and scope of testing based on your testing maturity.

DR Test Plan System Status Worksheet

Document and manage the systems that are to be included in the test plan to ensure that each system is ready for testing.

Authority Matrix

The tool is very basic but can be easily adapted to suit each manager's needs. It uses the RACI matrix (responsible, accountable, consulted, or informed) to describe the...

Systems Management Project Scorecard

Use the Systems Management Project Scorecard to identify possible problems inhibiting success of the systems management implementation.

Systems Management Feature Evaluation Tool

Use the Systems Management Feature Evaluation Tool to generate a shortlist of solutions based on your specific needs

Systems Management Skills Inventory and Gap Analysis

Use this tool to document available skills and create a training plan to facilitate your systems management initiative.

Service Catalog SLA Metrics Tracking Template

Establish a framework to collect the necessary metrics to properly evaluate current service catalog service levels.
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