Operations - Templates & Policies

Service Desk Software – Ticket Categorization Schemes

The ticket categorization schemes provide examples of ticket categories to organize the data in the service desk tool and produce reports that help managers manage the...

Sample Communication Plan

This template will help clients develop a communication plan that guides stakeholders through the most important process changes they can expect as a result of the...

Project Handover Template

The project handover template provides an example of how to organize project support information to help the service desk support the project once it enters operations.

Knowledgebase Article Template

Use this template to create a searchable record of IT incidents that your incident management team has encountered. An accurate and comprehensive knowledgebase will allow...

Consolidate Service Desk Executive Presentation

Use this template to document the key outcomes and decisions from the visioning exercises and present them to stakeholders.

Consolidated Service Desk SOP Template

This template provides a customizable standard operating procedure (SOP) for a consolidated service desk. The SOP is intended to document decisions, policies, procedures,...

Service Desk Consolidation Communications and Training Plan Template

Use this template to develop a communications plan for your service desk consolidation project.

Service Desk Consolidation News Bulletin & FAQ Template

Use this template to design a news bulletin and responses to FAQs as part of your communication efforts prior to service desk consolidation.

Business Process Mapping – Sample

Leverage the sample business process map to help guide your tabletop planning process and create your own business process documentation.

Optimize the DRP For Business-Critical Analytics Executive Presentation

Optimizing the DRP requires the cooperation of key stakeholders. Use the executive presentation to overview current project progress and outline future project...
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