Analyze Your ITSM Ticket Data

​​​This blueprint helps you identify your most crucial ticket data and analyze the data to continually mature your daily, weekly, and monthly IT service management...
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Maintain Continuity in a Power Outage

You have critical infrastructure and systems in a location that is prone to power outages. You must maintain service continuity and critical systems, whether it is an...

Business Continuity Management Software Selection Guide

Understand key trends and differentiating features in the business continuity management (BCM) software marketspace to help you find the right fit.

Build a Service Desk Consolidation Strategy

Supporting multiple service desks can be costly and inefficient and produce poor or inconsistent service delivery. This project will help you build a strategy to...
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Build Better Workflows

You can’t mature processes without also documenting them. Process documentation is most effective when workflows are both written out and visualized in the form of flow...

Take a Realistic Approach to Disaster Recovery Testing

Reduce costly downtime with a right-sized testing program that improves IT resilience.

Design a VIP Experience for Your Service Desk

Design a VIP support model for the service desk that meets the needs of your executives – but doesn’t negatively impact service delivery to the rest of the organization –...

Reduce Shadow IT With a Service Request Catalog

As the business gets more innovative to solve its problems, IT finds itself in reactive mode, dealing with software bloat, managing surprise SaaS renewals, and having to...
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Mitigate the Risk of Cloud Downtime and Data Loss

If you still think “it’s in the cloud, so I don’t need to worry about it,” then get your resume ready. When O365 goes down, your executives are calling IT, not Microsoft,...
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Transition Projects Over to the Service Desk

Leverage the storyboard and associated materials to build a plan for developing a project handover that the service desk will use to support the new application/product....
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