Backup Software Vendor Shortlist & Detailed Feature Analysis Tool

Use this tool to develop your own custom shortlist. Utilize the tool's feature analysis and criteria weightings to identify vendors that align with your business's own...

Select and Implement a Backup Solution – Phase 3: Select a Backup Solution

Use this storyboard to guide your organization as you follow your procurement plan for evaluating and selecting a backup solution.

Backup Software Evaluation and RFP Scoring Tool

Use this tool to support your business in conducting an objective evaluation of the backup vendors being considered for procurement. Consider each suite's functional...

Backup Software Vendor Demo Script

Use this template to support your business's evaluation of vendors and their solutions. Provide vendors with scenarios that prompt them to display not only their...

Backup and Recovery Service Level Agreement Template

Ensure your designed processes are ready to be employed into the business environment by conducting a series of testing. Use this template to support process owners and...

VVOLs, oh VVOLs, Wherefore art Thou VVOLs?

​VVOLs (pronounced Vee-Valls) were a hot topic in our doing the rounds of storage vendor conferences last year. Just about everybody had them on their roadmaps. We're...

Create a Game Plan to Implement Cloud Backup the Right Way

The cloud isn’t a magic bullet for backups. Build a strategy that fits your needs and mitigates critical cloud challenges.
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Storyboard: Create a Game Plan to Implement Cloud Backup the Right Way

There is a lot of hype and a lot of fear around targeting backups at the cloud. Complete this blueprint to get a sense of the real risks and rewards of cloud backup.

Cloud Backup Implementation Game Plan Tool

The tool will assist you in evaluating the value of cloud backup for specific candidate data sets, readiness to target backup at the cloud, compare the TCO of the cloud...

Purchase Storage Without Buyer's Remorse

Storage is a big ticket item that often only gets purchased every three to five years. Get best practice buyer's advice that leverages the purchasing experience of your...
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