2018 Enterprise Backup and Availability Market Trends and Buyer’s Guide

The current vendor landscape for backup and availability software represents a range of industry veterans and aggressive newcomers. Vendors such as Veritas, IBM, Dell...

Vendor Landscape Storyboard: Mid-Range Storage

This storyboard will help you explore the leading vendors providing mid-range storage solutions. By comparing vendor and product strengths, weaknesses, and differences,...

Select and Implement a Backup Solution – Phases 1-4

Identify the business and IT objectives for your desired backup solution through a rigorous and comprehensive requirements gathering process.

Select and Implement a Backup Solution – Phase 1: Launch a Backup Software Selection Project

To successfully leverage backup technology, project planning and stakeholder engagement must occur at the beginning of the project. Use this phase to support your plan...

Select and Implement a Backup Solution – Phase 2: Analyze Backup Requirements and Shortlist Vendors

Use the Vendor Landscape findings and project guidance in this phase to support your organization in developing requirements for your backup solution RFP and evaluating...

Select and Implement a Backup Solution – Phase 3: Select a Backup Solution

Use this storyboard to guide your organization as you follow your procurement plan for evaluating and selecting a backup solution.

Select and Implement a Backup Solution – Phase 4: Plan the Backup Implementation

Even a solution that is a perfect fit for an organization will fail to generate value if it is not properly implemented or measured by an organization. Prevent this risk...

Storyboard: Create a Game Plan to Implement Cloud Backup the Right Way

There is a lot of hype and a lot of fear around targeting backups at the cloud. Complete this blueprint to get a sense of the real risks and rewards of cloud backup.

Storyboard: Purchase Storage Without Buyer's Remorse

Storage is a big ticket item that often only gets purchased every three to five years. Get best practice buyer's advise that leverages the purchasing experience of your...
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