Preying on Fear: Beware of the COVID-19 “Maps” Malware

The fear, uncertainty, and doubt created by COVID-19 provides a window of opportunity for cybercriminals to launch crisis-themed attacks. IT needs to ensure security...

Effective Performance Management in a Mass Work-From-Home Scenario

Infrastructure and Operations will have to rethink performance management when many users are working from home.

Ramp Up Your Network Management to Flatten the Impact Curve of COVID-19

The demands of COVID-19 upend our traditional design assumptions and threaten to cause our network to buckle under the pressure. This immediate need means effective...

Ayehu Announces Collaboration With Automation Anywhere

Ayehu announced that it will be collaborating with Automation Anywhere, a robotic process automation (RPA) solution provider. This collaboration is a complementary...

Google Cloud’s Acquisition Journey Provides Hints to GCP’s Strategy

As Google Cloud prepares to finalize its $2.4B acquisition of Looker, a data analytics company, a look back at recently announced acquisitions sheds light on GCP’s shift...

Document Your Cloud Strategy – Phases 1-3

Use this blueprint to drive consensus by outlining how your organization will use the cloud. Define the strategic statements around people, processes, and technology to...

Document Your Cloud Strategy – Phase 1: Empower Your Team to Use the Cloud

It's essential to have the right people making the right decisions to drive the success of the cloud strategy. This phase will help you create a cloud council, prepare...

Cloud Strategy Template

Use this template to document your cloud strategy. Follow along with the sections of the Document Your Cloud Strategy storyboard and complete the template as you go.

Document Your Cloud Strategy – Phase 2: Establish Appropriate Governance for the Cloud

Phase 2 will help you mitigate risks associated with cloud by establishing proper governance.

Document Your Cloud Strategy – Phase 3: Determine Guidelines for Cloud Technology

Read Phase 3 to learn how to establish when you will migrate versus adopt a new cloud service and how you will provision and monitor the environment.
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