Cloud Strategy and Action Plan – Phase 1: Harness the Cloud's Potential

This phase of the blueprint Cloud Strategy and Action Plan will help you identify the service models that make the most sense for your workloads.

Storyboard: Implement Systems Management to Improve Availability and Visibility

This blueprint will help you implement a systems management solution to improve availability and visibility.

Covance Drug Development Launches Clinical Analytics and Clinical Operations to Expand Its Business

LabCorp, a leading life sciences company, announced that its contract research organization Covance has launched a functional service provider offering, FSPx.

Provisioning Servers for Serverless Computing – What?

Serverless computing is already a confusing term. It gets more confusing when you start hearing about serverless functions on the servers on your private cloud....

Wireless LAN Task Monitoring Tool

Moving from planning your WLAN build or refresh to actually executing the project is a big step. Ease the transition by breaking the process down into steps, and...

Containers Assessment Workbook

Use this workbook in conjunction with the blueprint, Containers Survival Guide for Infrastructure, to help you assess the need, and the extent of the need, for containers.

Howdy Partner! Veeam and Nutanix Embrace Latest Partnership

Nutanix enterprise cloud computing and Veeam cloud data management will combine to deliver agile backup and replication. This is a smart strategy for the hardware...

VMware Cloud on AWS Now Available in Canada

VMware Cloud on AWS is now available on Amazon’s Canadian (central region) data centers. VMware-invested Canadian organizations with large-scale cloud migration plans –...

Document Your Cloud Strategy – Phase 1: Empower Your Team to Use the Cloud

It's essential to have the right people making the right decisions to drive the success of the cloud strategy. This phase will help you create a cloud council, prepare...

AWS Improves Container Monitoring, Part 3: Anomaly Detection

AWS is previewing Anomaly Detection, a CloudWatch component that allows for greater visibility into containerized applications using microservice architectures.
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