Data Center Renovation Project Planning & Monitoring Tool

IT leaders tasked with renovating a data center often experience scope creep and budget issues in later stages if initial planning, design and requirements are not...

Data Center Renovation Contractor Scripted Interview Scorecard

When meeting with potential contractors for the data center renovation project, organizations should use a scripted interview process to aid in decision making. Each...

Data Center Fire Protection and Suppression Selection Guide

Selecting fire protection and suppression systems for the data center requires an understanding of the decision points and options available. Although largely regulated...

Server Virtualization Roadmap Development Tool

This assessment and roadmap development tool will help you create a roadmap for future development of a managed virtual infrastructure and internal cloud.

Global Data Center Facilities Project Prioritization Tool

Regardless of how the global data center was acquired, data center integration is a large and complex project that requires a prioritized step-by-step plan that includes...

Infrastructure Outsourcing RFP Scoring Tool

Use the prefilled examples in this RFP Vendor Proposal Scoring Tool to assess which vendor proposal can best meet your infrastructure outsourcing services requirements in...

Data Center Renovation Budget Tool

Renovating a data center can be a complex project that can be difficult to plan and scope for. Because a single renovation project generally cascades into multiple...

Cloud Testing Project Planning and Monitoring Tool

IT leaders tasked with implementing cloud testing projects can experience resourcing and budgeting issues in later stages if initial planning, design, and requirements...

Database Consolidation Inventory Tool

Identify the hardware, applications, and platforms in your system as a necessary first step before upgrading or consolidating your database environment.

Cloud Database Strategy TCO Calculator

Use this tool to calculate and compare the 6-year TCO of a cloud versus an on-premise deployment for your database workloads.
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