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It Takes an Enterprise to Raise a Digital Workspace

VMware and Citrix are promoting their flagship digital workspaces to CIOs as a way to improve employee engagement. If you implement them without stakeholder involvement,...

With Over 350,000 Customers, Veeam Reaches $1 Billion in Annual Bookings

At VeeamON 2019, Veeam announced it had achieved $1billion in annual bookings. The software company attributes success to its ability to take advantage of Act 1:...

Tools Are Easy, Process Is Hard – Ayehu’s IT Automation Solution

IT automation tools such as Ayehu make automating easier than ever, leaving process work as the hardest part.

Back to Xero

Xero squanders its advantage of being one of the very few collaboration tools with financial application know-how by simply offering an alternative to a well-established...

Phone Is RingCentral but Nobody Is Home

RingCentral’s VoIP approach to collaboration is an interesting alternative to the data-centric approach typifying competitors, but its teleconferencing service falls far...

Salesforce Has Agreed to Acquire Tableau for the Share Equivalent Price of $15.7 Billion

Salesforce has agreed to acquire Tableau for the share equivalent price of $15.7 billion. Salesforce is the largest CRM platform and Tableau is the largest BI and...

Signed, Sealed, Celoxis

Celoxis makes resource allocation more effective by interpreting the underlying requirements of project management in an insightful way. Financial accounting and task...

Quantivate Adds Help Text and Quick Links to Improve Usability

Quantivate’s new GUI modernizes the interface, but more importantly adds features that improve consistency and usability.

How Slack Could Ruin Microsoft’s Messaging Cannibalization Plans

Microsoft Corp’s planned cannibalization of Skype for Business by Microsoft Teams looks to be going as designed, but one threat from Slack is still lurking to steal some...

Explore Your Options for Managing Chromebooks

Google gives enterprise IT departments different Chrome OS management approaches. Pilot each; don’t just use the most familiar one to you.
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