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Stabilize Release and Deployment Management – Executive Brief

A quality release and deployment management practice should not be measured solely on efficiency. The primary target of release management is to improve the stability of...

Stabilize Release and Deployment Management – Phase 1: Analyze Current State

Release management improvement begins with assessment of the current state. A solid understanding of how core operational processes are actually functioning within the...

Release Management Project Roadmap Tool

Use this tool to organize and monitor project work on improving your release management practice.

Release Management Workflow Library

This workflow library will help your team walk through the release management lifecycle and map out what happens at each stage.

Patch Management Policy

The patch management policy outlines standard application maintenance and patch management practices and responsibilities for identifying and mitigating any system...

Release Management Policy

Use this policy template to define and support your organization's release and patch management program.

Stabilize Release and Deployment Management – Phases 1-4

Organizations are struggling to keep current with the constant release of new deployments, patches, and updates. Use this blueprint to help you assess gaps in your...

Release Management Maturity Assessment

This tool can be used to identify gaps in your release and deployment management process to guide improvements and measure success.

Release Management Standard Operating Procedure

The release and deployment standard operating procedure (SOP) should be used to establish and document a formal release and deployment management process at your...

IBM Blockchain’s Shift Toward Red Hat OpenShift Bodes Well for Enterprise Blockchain Community

The latest iteration of the IBM Blockchain platform is now integrating with Red Hat OpenShift, which bodes well for the enterprise blockchain community. Red Hat OpenShift...
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