Infrastructure & Operations

Infra & Ops Metrics Definition Template

This template will provide the means to track data on each metric that enables full lifecycle management.

SOP 101: Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are most commonly associated with military or manufacturing operations; however, they can be effectively utilized by any enterprise....

Data Center Relocation Budget Tool

A data center move has numerous one-time and ongoing expenses spanning a range of areas and project phases. It is important to develop an accurate budget up front so that...

Data Center Relocation Data Collection and Bundling Workbook

When moving the data center, developing a detailed inventory and orchestrating bundling and moving of related data center assets is a detailed process with many...

Data Center Build Project Charter Template

A data center build project charter is essential to the planning phase of the project. It lays out important information such as the project's description, potential...

Server Configuration Policy

The server configuration policy establishes the standards, procedures, and restrictions for new servers being installed within the company.

Stress Testing Your Disaster Recovery Plan

You have a disaster recovery plan (DRP), but will it hold up in a real crisis? Testing the DRP is essential to determining whether it is under or over built, and whether...

Service Desk Manager

The Service Desk Manager's role is to oversee all Service Desk staff and ensure that end users are receiving the appropriate assistance. This includes the responsibility...

Data Center Relocation Project Planning and Monitoring Tool

A data center relocation project is a risky endeavor that requires rigorous planning and attention to detail. Practicing good project management processes and...

Software Asset Management Policy

Use this policy template to define and support your organization's software asset management program.
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