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Government: Next Steps From the CIO COVID-19 Strategy Webinar

The CIO will play a critical role across this crisis, and it is an opportunity to shine. This is a key time for CIOs to demonstrate leadership and technology capability....

Craft an End-to-End Data Center Consolidation Strategy to Maximize Benefits – Phase 3: Execute

This phase of the blueprint will help you create the necessary documents to support the consolidation team on the day of the move. This includes move day scripts,...

Tech Trend Update: If Contact Tracing Then Distributed Trust

The concept of distributed trust in technology design has become even more important as mobile contact tracing apps emerge as a tool to help fight COVID-19.

Storyboard: Outsource Systems Management to Improve Capabilities and Reduce Costs

Outsourcing can extend your systems management capabilities and save money in the process, but many organizations report dissatisfaction with their outsourcing...

Prepare for a DRP Audit – Phases 1-3

Assess your current DRP maturity, identify improvements required for an audit, and complete an audit-ready DRP summary document.

Zoom Offers Range of Services to Help Combat COVID-19

Zoom has offered a range of new services to help those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Printer Consolidation RFP Template

Use this example RFP template to procure multifunction printers (MFP) and/or fully managed printing services. Use this request for proposal template in conjunction with...

Choose and Implement a Mobile Strategy – Phases 1-3

Mobile is evolving quickly. Enterprises must consider a mobile strategy to keep up. Use this blueprint to leverage the powerful potential of mobile to generate enterprise...

Reduce Costly Downtime Through DR Testing Storyboard

Improve the accuracy of your DRP and your team’s ability to efficiently execute recovery procedures through regular DR testing.

Resume Operations Information Security Pressure Analysis Tool

Use this tool in phase 1 of the Responsibly Resume IT Operations in the Office research to evaluate and better understand the organization's post-pandemic risk tolerance.
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