Infrastructure & Operations

Extend the Service Desk to the Enterprise – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you build a plan to extend the IT service desk to other business units to improve service delivery across the enterprise.

Get Started With Internet of Things With a Quick-Win Pilot

Safely pilot the capabilities of emerging Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies in a highly secure and sensitive production environment. A quick win here will pave the...

Future State Value Stream Map

Use this template to identify and eliminate sources of waste in the current value stream in order to improve the process and form a future state value stream map.

System Recovery Procedures Template

Use this template to document application or system recovery procedures required to support the DR Incident Response Plan.

Create Visual SOP Documents that Drive Process Optimization, Not Just Peace of Mind – Phase 3: Identify a Content Management Solution

This phase of the blueprint, Create Visual SOP Documents that Drive Process Optimization, Not Just Peace of Mind, will help you publish and manage SOP documentation.

Infrastructure and Operations Budget Workbook

Use this tool to help you organize and prioritize budget items for the upcoming year.

Build an ITSM Tool Implementation Plan – Phase 2: Organize the Approach and Resources

This phase of the blueprint, Build an ITSM Tool Implementation Plan, will help you organize your approach and resources for the implementation project.

End-User Mobile Device Survey Module

Rather than inundating employees with yet another survey to complete, obtain feedback on mobile strategy and mobile devices by inserting this module into existing surveys...

Software Defined Ate the Convergence Birthday Cake

Core infrastructure architectures never die. They just get disrupted. Understand how software defined and hyperconvergence have disrupted the storage array-based...

Unified Communications as a Service Vendor Landscape Storyboard

Four vendor solutions placed in the top quadrant in the evaluation of Unified Communication as a Service products, but competitors offer compelling alternatives,...
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