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Trello – Mellow

Trello hits emotional high notes with a compelling project dashboard and intuitive design, but productivity is hindered by loaded graphics and an inadequate creation...

Service Desk Improvement Presentation Template

This template will help you communicate the results of your service desk improvement projects to your leadership team.

Practical, Right-Sized BCP Case Study: Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis for Practical, Right-Sized BCP Case Study

Don’t Assume Payroll Is Your Highest BC/DR Priority

Organizations will often automatically assume that payroll is among their most critical process and first priority for recovery. However, workarounds and buffers in the...

Discover the Secrets of ITSM Licensing Storyboard

Use this blueprint to help you navigate the process of ITSM software contract negotiation. Use the 10 secrets of ITSM licensing to help you review your ITSM contract and...

Apples Are No Longer on the Menu: Apple's Move to Clean up Its App Store

Apple is enforcing a clause in its App Store terms of service that will result in the ban of templated apps. Be prepared to focus on an improved mobile browsing...

Zerto Enhanced Azure Integration to Achieve Lower RTOs and Less Overhead

Zerto has enhanced its Azure integration to reduce achievable RTOs and recovery cost. Specifically, Zerto’s latest release leverages Azure’s native Virtual Machine...

Service Support Strategy Example – Outsourcing

This document provides an example of a service support strategy with a focus on outsourcing.

Optimize the IT Operations Center

Now, the IT Operations Center is about more than network monitoring. An effective Operations Center provides visibility across the entire stack, generates actionable...
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Internal Communications Strategy Template

Use the Internal Communications Strategy to increase buy-in, boost morale, and increase productivity.
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