Infrastructure & Operations

COVID-19 Higher Education Roundtable

Listen to this special COVID-19 Higher Education Roundtable to gain insight into what others in Higher Education IT are doing to cope with this unprecedented crisis in...

Equipment Loan Process

Define the way you fulfill equipment loan requests. This template includes workflows for request, delivery, and user receiving.

Cisco Announces New Hardware Webex Room USB

In this third brief of four on Cisco’s January launch of upcoming collaboration solutions in 2020, I look at Cisco’s new hardware Webex Room USB.

Reduce Manual Repetitive Work With IT Automation

This blueprint will help you score quick wins and build a process to manage IT automation.
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3i's of Engaging Management – Manager Guide

Train managers on the 3i's of employee engagement - inform, interact, and involve - to reinforce engaging leadership behaviors.

Web Conferencing Vendors Offer Free Access During COVID-19 Social Distancing Measures

Web conferencing vendors lined up to offer their software services for free on Monday as workers around the globe started their weeks working from home, complying with...

Slack CEO Sells $555,575 in Stock Over a Month

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield has been selling off his shares, but there are good reasons why we shouldn’t panic at this news.

COVID-19 Daily Summary – March 24, 2020: Treat Your Customers Well

As much as the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting regular business operations, pushing governments to the brink, and decimating financial markets, the fact remains that...

Document Your Cloud Strategy – Phase 1: Empower Your Team to Use the Cloud

It's essential to have the right people making the right decisions to drive the success of the cloud strategy. This phase will help you create a cloud council, prepare...

Microsoft Introduces Managed Meeting Rooms to Facilitate Online Meetings

Microsoft announced a new service for managing the hardware and software required to run meetings in Microsoft Teams and Skype. This new solution is a cloud-based service...
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