Infrastructure & Operations

Build a Chatbot Proof of Concept – Executive Brief

Read this executive brief to find out why you should build a chatbot proof of concept, review Info-Tech’s methodology, and understand the four ways we can support you in...

Build a Chatbot Proof of Concept Storyboard

Lay the groundwork for a successful chatbot proof of concept while keeping business goals up front by implementing the proper metrics, gathering requirements for chatbot...

Chatbot ROI Calculator

Use this tool to determine if implementing a chatbot can create an ROI for your organization.

Chatbot POC Metrics Tool

Use this tool to record the metrics necessary to manage the success of your chatbot.

Chatbot Conversation Tree Library

Use this template to record your chatbot conversation trees before implementing them.

Chatbot POC RACI

Use this template to record the roles and responsibilities of your chatbot support team.

Chatbot POC Implementation Roadmap

Use this tool to plan and roadmap your action items during and beyond the implementation of your chatbot proof of concept.

Chatbot POC Communication Plan

Use this tool to communicate and market the launch of the chatbot to your organization and stakeholders.

Contactless Equipment Distribution Using Vending Machines

Vending machines have been around for decades and they're getting new life as we look at ways to provide contactless distribution of many items in many industries. IT is...

Incident Management for Small Enterprise – Executive Brief

The ability to respond and recover quickly from unplanned incidents is a critical path in becoming a strategic and trusted partner for the business. Read this Executive...
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