Infrastructure & Operations

Network Modernization Executive Presentation Template

Use this template to create an executive presentation summarizing the key elements of your network modernization project.

Mid-Range Storage Reseller Interrogation Script

Use this template to develop a list of vendor and product capabilities that the vendor/reseller will need to guarantee and demonstrate.

Practical, Right-Sized DRP Case Study: Data Center Topology Diagram

Data Center Topology Diagram for Practical, Right-Sized DRP Case Study

Office 365 Migration Plan Report

This pre-populated report template will help you prepare a report of the final migration plan to provide business stakeholders with final decisions, rationale, and next...

Collaboration Capability Map

Use this template to document the communication and collaboration tools that exist in your environment.

Internet of Things Foundational Infrastructure Assessment Tool

Use this tool to assess the ability of foundational infrastructure to maximize the benefits of Internet of Things disruptions.

Outsource the Service Desk

In organizations where technical support is viewed as non-strategic, many see outsourcing as a cost-effective solution. However, a complete turnover of the service desk...
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Build an End-User Computing Strategy

End user wants and needs have evolved. The consumerization is leading to the proliferation of devices, which makes it difficult to meet those needs. Use Info-Tech’s...
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Mid-Market Service Desk Vendor Shortlist Tool

Use this tool to build a shortlist of best-fit service desk tools for the enterprise based on your requirements.

DR Test Plan Project Charter Template

Set expectations for scope, resource requirements, and target dates for building the DR test plan.
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