Infrastructure & Operations

Storyboard: Move a Data Center

A data center relocation can be best described as a controlled disaster that involves high risk and requires rigorous and thorough planning. Over 29% of IT professionals...

Essentials for Mission Critical Operations

More businesses are finding that they require mission critical operations to support key applications. Mission critical means an application is operational when it is...

Smart TV: Enterprises Invade the Living Room

Almost half of North American households already have televisions with smart capabilities (most through a separate device, but increasingly through features built-in to...

Selecting a Consolidated Storage Platform

Consolidated network storage is a strategic enabler that forms the foundation for server consolidation and a unified approach to data and system availability and recovery.

IT Asset Manager

The role of the IT Asset Manager is to oversee the daily and long-term strategic management of software and technology-related hardware within the organization.

Video: Software Asset Management

Implement Software Asset Management to reduce costs and improve processes.

2011: Year of the Tablet

Early in 2010, Info-Tech predicted that it would be the year of the tablet. Was the prediction accurate? It was, although many vendors have not moved as quickly as...

Communications Plan Template for a New Global Data Center Transition

Managing a new global data center can be an overwhelming task. Focusing on communicating effectively with new foreign staff is necessary for a successful integration and...

Global Data Center Facilities Project Prioritization Tool

Regardless of how the global data center was acquired, data center integration is a large and complex project that requires a prioritized step-by-step plan that includes...

Global Data Center Integration Data Collection Workbook

One of the first steps in preparing for global data center integration is to gather a list of all inventories. A comprehensive inventory of applications and...
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