Infrastructure & Operations - Tools

Data Center Renovation Budget Tool

Renovating a data center can be a complex project that can be difficult to plan and scope for. Because a single renovation project generally cascades into multiple...

Cloud Testing Project Planning and Monitoring Tool

IT leaders tasked with implementing cloud testing projects can experience resourcing and budgeting issues in later stages if initial planning, design, and requirements...

Service Desk Consolidation Roadmap

Use this tool to identify and prioritize tasks that you need to complete in order to make the transition to a consolidated service desk.

Service Desk Maturity Assessment

Conduct a service desk maturity assessment and reinforce your weak dimensions.

Database Consolidation Inventory Tool

Identify the hardware, applications, and platforms in your system as a necessary first step before upgrading or consolidating your database environment.

DRP Incident Response Management Tool

Track your step-by-step incident response plan in real time.

BCP Pilot Project Charter Template

Establish scope, roles, and requirements for a BCP pilot project.

BCP Reference Workbook

Use this document to track BCMS teams, roles, and action items.

ITAM ROI Calculator

This calculator provides a page-by-page tool to record and analyze the relevant assets, risks and technology costs related to asset management.

Cloud Database Strategy TCO Calculator

Use this tool to calculate and compare the 6-year TCO of a cloud versus an on-premise deployment for your database workloads.
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