Infrastructure & Operations - Templates & Policies

Enterprise Mobility Management RFP Template

Use this template to structure your own EMM RFP.

Infrastructure Roadmap Report

Use this template to create an executive presentation for business stakeholders.

Proof of Concept Template

This template will help you put together a repository of the information necessary to complete a proof-of-concept project and present it to executives for approval and...

Microsoft Licensing Purchase Reference Guide

Use this template to capture licensing stakeholder information, proposed changes to licensing, and negotiation items.

Enterprise Collaboration Strategy Template

Use this template to document your vision, goals, and approach to communication and collaboration systems.

Public Cloud IaaS Work Breakdown Structure Template

Use this template to support your outlining of the steps required to successfully implement your public cloud solution into your environment.

Systems Management SOP Template

Well-developed processes are a critical component of systems management success. This template will help organizations ensure that their processes are effectively...

Disruptive Infrastructure Technology in 2017: Info-Tech's Analysis

This storyboard will help inform members of your working group, and of your organization more generally, about current disruptive IT infrastructure trends.

Guest Wireless Internet Acceptable Use Policy

The guest wireless internet acceptable use policy outlines the appropriate and inappropriate use of guest wireless internet resources within a company.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure RFP Template

Use this template to develop a request for proposal (RFP) asking vendors to place bids for your purchase of a hyperconverged infrastructure solution.
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