Infrastructure & Operations - Templates & Policies

Server Room Co-location Site Visit & Evaluation Checklist

Organizations that have determined a shortlist of co-location vendors (likely after the RFP process) should conduct additional due diligence before making the final...

Data Center Move Issue Resolution and Change Order Template

Whether the data center relocation or consolidation project requires one weekend or multiple move dates to complete, it is important to collect and document all issues,...

Fire Protection & Suppression Engineer Selection Criteria Checklist

While preliminary decisions regarding the types of fire protection and suppression required in the data center can be made by IT, the final decision and selection process...

Data Center Renovation Project Charter

A data center renovation project charter is essential to the planning phase of the project. It lays out important information, such as the project description, potential...

Limited Personal Use of Network Resources Policy

The limited personal use of network resources policy outlines the standards for appropriate usage of corporate network resources.

Service Desk Standard Operating Procedure

The service desk standard operating procedure establishes the procedures for processing service desk tickets effectively.

DRP Project Charter Template

Define roles and responsibilities, project objectives, and key milestones.

Recovery Operating Procedures Template

Use this Recovery Operating Procedures Template in conjunction with the Optimize Backup Operations with a Recovery Services Plan Storyboard to document operating...

Data Center Contractor Selection Scripted Interview

Data center facilities call for specific industrial design and engineering requirements to meet needs for fire-protection, power provisioning, stand-by power, cooling,...

Change Management Standard Operating Procedure

This template is designed to give organizations a defined set of standards and guidelines to conduct their change management processes effectively.
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