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Shared Services Implementation Business Case Template

When implementing a shared services model, it is integral to ensure that all stakeholders involved in the process are on board with the project. All objectives, benefits,...

Shared Services Implementation Customer Communication Plan

The root cause of many failed implementations of a shared services model is a lack of alignment created between upper management and the staff supporting the project...

Desktop Virtualization Project Plan

A project plan is an integral document to any initiative. This template will help clarify goals, determine guidelines, and establish milestones to keep a desktop...

Desktop Virtualization End-User Satisfaction Survey

The Desktop Virtualization End-User Satisfaction Survey is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your desktop virtualization implementation. End users can provide...

Desktop Virtualization Communication Plan

End-user acceptance is one of the biggest challenges to desktop virtualization adoption. With a plan to maintain a consistent message and a consistent front, IT can set...

Desktop Virtualization RFP Template

Organizations in the selection process for a desktop virtualization solution should issue an RFP to gather required information, and make an informed final decision. This...

DR Test Plan Development and Execution Workflow

Follow Info-Tech's DR test development workflow to create a comprehensive test plan.

DR Test Plan Project Charter Template

Set expectations for scope, resource requirements, and target dates for building the DR test plan.

DR Test Plan Summary Template

Prioritize the systems to include in the test plan, and generate a comprehensive test schedule for the test cycle.

DR Test Plan Passive Testing Handbook

Identify and document all the resources necessary to support the facilitator during a passive DR test.
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