Infrastructure & Operations - Storyboard

Choose a Public Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service Partner – Phase 3: Plan the Implementation

Even the best selected solution that is not implemented, communicated, or managed properly will fail. Prevent this risk from becoming reality with the right planning...

Exploit Disruptive Infrastructure Technology – Phase 3: Create an Action Plan to Exploit Disruptive Technologies

This phase of the blueprint, Exploit Disruptive Infrastructure Technology, will help you create a project charter for a proof of concept plan that will assist in the...

Standardize the Service Desk – Phases 1-4

Use this project blueprint to build and improve essential service desk processes, including incident management, request fulfillment, and knowledge management.

Standardize the Service Desk – Phase 1: Conduct Gap Analysis

Conduct current-state assessment, review shift-left service support strategy, identify operations metrics, benchmarks, and reports, and review ticket handling procedures.

Infrastructure Trend Report 2017 – Move to IT-as-a-Service Broker

This trend overview will help you understand how the brokerage model is taking over IT departments, and what that means for your organization.

Infrastructure Trend Report 2017 – DevOps Is Extending to the Enterprise

This trend overview will help you understand how DevOps is changing enterprise IT. Use this deck to identify which of Info-Tech's key initiative plans will help your...

Craft an End-to-End Data Center Consolidation Strategy to Maximize Benefits – Phase 1: Discover

This phase of the blueprint will help you kick off the discovery process by prioritizing projects, identifying dependencies, and creating move day bundles.

Storyboard: Create a Game Plan to Implement Cloud Backup the Right Way

There is a lot of hype and a lot of fear around targeting backups at the cloud. Complete this blueprint to get a sense of the real risks and rewards of cloud backup.

Migrate to Windows 10 – Phases 1-3

Use this blueprint to kick off your Windows 10 migration.

Choose a Public Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service Partner – Phase 2: Select a Solution

Use this storyboard to guide your organization as you evaluate public cloud vendors, develop the assessment tool and RFP, and select the public cloud solution.
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