Infrastructure & Operations - Storyboard

2020 Infrastructure Priorities Report Storyboard

Info-Tech’s 2020 Infrastructure Priorities Report explores five initiatives that IT infrastructure practitioners are prioritizing for 2020.

Improve Service Desk Ticket Intake – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you identify opportunities to provide quality and consistent customer service.

Implement Hardware Asset Management – Phase 4: Plan Implementation 

This phase of the blueprint, Implement Hardware Asset Management, will help you select tools, plan the hardware budget, and then build a communication plan and roadmap to...

Map Technical Skills for a Changing Infrastructure & Operations Organization – Phase 2: Acquire Needed Skills

This phase of the blueprint, Map Technical Skills for a Changing Infrastructure & Operations Organization, will help you ground skills acquisition decisions on the...

Prepare for a DRP Audit – Phase 3: Prepare DRP Audit Documentation

Keep your DRP documentation manageable by creating a summary document for the auditor that outlines your DRP status and includes links to additional detailed...

Storyboard: Create a Configuration Management Roadmap

A CMDB is only as valuable as the processes it supports. Before you invest, identify the IT processes that will be improved through use of a CMDB. With a good roadmap,...

Define Your Cloud Vision – Phase 4: Clarify Vision and Roadmap Initiatives

This phase of the blueprint Define Your Cloud Vision will help you clarify your vision and build a roadmap for your cloud project initiatives.

Develop a Business Continuity Plan – Phase 1: Assess Maturity and Define Scope

This phase of the blueprint, Develop a Business Continuity Plan, will help you scope your BCP pilot project.

Modernize the Network – Phases 1-3

Network use cases and capacity demands are constantly increasing, and the network must be able to react with stability and agility. Use Info-Tech’s approach to develop a...

Restart the Engine of Your Project Portfolio

Restarting the engine of the project portfolio mid-pandemic won’t be as simple as turning a key and hitting the gas. Use this concise research to find the right path...
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