Implement Hardware Asset Management – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why your organization can benefit from a structured hardware asset management program.

Implement Software Asset Management – Phase 2: Procure, Receive & Deploy

This phase of the blueprint, Implement Software Asset Management, will help you define processes for software requests, procurement, receiving, and deployment.

Harness Configuration Management Superpowers – Phase 1: Plan Your Configuration Model

This phase of the blueprint, Harness Configuration Management Superpowers, will help you assemble a team of people under the helm of the super configuration manager.

Improve IT Operations Management – Executive Brief

If your organization sees discrepancies between its ability to carry out big-picture operational activities, and support day-to-day IT service delivery, you should...

Implement a Shared Services Model Storyboard

Before you make the move to implement a shared services model, know the comprehensive list of project risks and implications, and ensure that your business is ready to...

Create Visual SOP Documents that Drive Process Optimization, Not Just Peace of Mind – Phase 2: Establish a Sustainable Documentation Process

This phase of the blueprint, Create Visual SOP Documents That Drive Process Optimization, Not Just Peace of Mind, will help you maintain SOP documentation.

Risk Assessment Tool

Use this tool to formalize the notional risk assessment process. Gather the problem management team and evaluate problems based on their level of risk. Use the output to...

Software Audit Launch Email Template

This template will notify the management team of the impending audit.

Operations Work Unit Reference Structures

Example organizational sketches for common IT operating models with a focus on IT Operations roles.

Infrastructure Flow Maps and Transaction Profiles

Visualize the interdependencies of your applications and its underlining infrastructure. These visual documents will support the team during performance issue...
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